McMenamins Edgefield Engagement: Kate and Casey

Thanks to Whitney and her beautiful Zenith Vineyard wedding, I had the incredible privilege of meeting and capturing these two really. awesome. people.

Like. really awesome.

Meet Kate and Casey.

It was a beautiful September afternoon and the wind was sending out signs that Fall was right around the corner. While Kate got  beautified by our ever talented Blossom and Beauty, Casey relaxed at the nook of a bar down the hall, (such a patient guy).

Kate and Casey met when Kate joined the hospital where Casey worked as a physical therapist. I’m pretty sure it was her auburn locks that first caught his attention- but then again, maybe it was those star eyes of hers that keep changing between green, blue and grey. Either way, he knew he wanted to get to know this beauty. He waited a bit, biding his time and when she softened a bit- out came the invitation. It was an instant connection, and soon they were inseparable. Casey brings the best out of her and she him. They are very real, down-to-earth people, without pretense or affectation- just the kind that would make sincere, life-long friends. It’s couples like these that get me excited, maybe because I have such a fun time capturing them. Or maybe because they’re up for anything, even when I ask them to “run like a gazelle” lol. Seriously, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants during this shoot.

I know they will work through the conflicts and upheavals that always accompany any relationship that’s worth fighting for. I know that when June rolls around and they vow to love and respect till “death do us part” that it will be an epic celebration that you don’t want to miss.

Thank Kate and Casey for being real with me, for making my job so effortless and being so happily in love. You both make me smile sitting here and June can’t get here soon enough :)

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Sacagawea Park Wedding: Joel and Mikaela

I never get tired of weddings. Every time I still get the butterflies as I pack the car and head to the venue. Every time the Father/Daughter moment makes me cry and the way a groom looks at his bride makes me want to fling myself into the arms of my own husband at home. Relationships of love are the building blocks of all reality* and weddings are such a reflection of that truth. A new household emerges and a new chapter unfolds as two lives become one surging forth into a new reality.

  This wedding was uniquely beautiful in that it really emphasized that point over and over again. Self-giving love was the heart-song of this wedding and it was truly a majestic thing to witness.

  Joel and Mikaela were friends since wee babes ;) and gradually their friendship blossomed into the passionate culmination of love you see below. They have been through heartache and joy and remained faithful, loving and committed till the end.

   Thank you Joel and Mikaela for the immense privilege of being part of your day, of entrusting your memories to my care. Your first family heirloom starts here (aside from your rings of course) and it is such an honor to be a part of that new legacy. Thank you for your cheerful flexibility with the haphazard weather and for embracing the process ;)  Lots of love- Christa

fashion edgefield engagement shoot christa taylor_0244portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0207portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0209 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0208 fashion edgefield engagement shoot christa taylor_0252Does she get any more beautiful??

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Enjoy their more Complete Slideshow Below

Thank you to Bianca Jade for your priceless assistance as my second shooter.

*Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor

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Portland Waterfront Wedding: Michael and Gina

If you haven’t seen their Cathedral Park Engagement shoot, visit it first because you’ll see the first chapter in this love story there.

August 23rd, however, was the final culmination of many plans and conversations. It dawned a beautiful summer morning, promising to heat up as the day progressed. Gina is both city-girl and country queen and really wanted to capture a part of both worlds in her wedding photos.  Because the ceremony and reception would be held at their private estate in Camas, we decided to get ready in the C-T studio and do their “First look”  downtown.

When Gina came out of the dressing room, Michael with back turned, started whistling a love song he would later sing as she walked down the aisle. Their smiles were effortless as they laughed together, finally ready to let the day unfold. Hand in hand, sunglasses on, we hit the streets and photographed around the city.

When we arrived at their home, family and friends were bustling around with the last finishing touches while guests enjoyed signature cocktails at their homemade bar. The light was just turning golden as Gina, serenaded by Michael,  walked down the steps to meet him. Everyone cheered as they made a new family, eyes wet, hearts full.

Thank you Gina and Michael for entrusting me with your wedding day memories, it was certainly a delightful evening and I wish we could do it all over again. I have never laughed so hard at a wedding in my life! I got a whole new insight into who you are through your vivacious, loving, and incredibly funny family and friends. It was a night filled with music, happiness and warmth. At the end of the night I really didn’t want to leave (who would with that killer band?). Thank you again- we still need to shoot with that killer car of yours Michael ;) portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0190 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0199 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0194portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0198portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0201portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0192 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0202 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0205 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0191portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0197 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0203 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0204 portland fashion wedding photography christa taylor_0200

Watch their More complete Slideshow Below

Thank you to Bianca Jade for your superb second shooting skills



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